Record investment in German Start-ups

According to the Start-Up Barometer Deutschland of Ernst & Young investments in German start-ups rose by 36 percent, reaching 6.2 billion euros in 2019. The number of financing rounds was also up 13 percent to 704.

Ernst&Young Start-Up Barometer

Germany pledges €300 million for green hydrogen research

As part of the Energiewende, Germany’s transition to non-nuclear, sustainable power sources, the Ministry of Education and Research will pump at least 300 million euros more into research on green hydrogen by 2023. 180 million euros in ministry funds were already allocated to such research in the coming years. The new influx of funds comes after the government cabinet approved its draft legislative “climate package opening new posibilities of companies related to these industries.


Strong growth in main construction industry opens business opportunities for construction and energy related industries

Turnover in the main construction industry in January to May 2019 was up 11.5% compared with the corresponding month of the previous year. Regarding industrial data, the Civil Engineering industry gained 13.9% and Building Construction industry 9.5% compared to the level a year earlier.
This opens business opportunities not only e.g. for investors and construction companies but also for companies of the Renewable Energies industries. Thus, 66.6% of all newly constructed residential buildings in 2018 use renewables as a source of heat and 47.2 percent of the 107,200 new residential buildings primarily got their heat from renewables.


Germany's coal exit by 2038 opens up opportunities

According to scientifics, the exit from coal-fired power generation offers opportunities for more innovation and digitization.

Wind and solar power have won the race for the most economical generation of electricity. Now it's about creating a system that guarantees a stable supply of electricity.

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